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Broken Compass

Broken Compass is walking simulator made for the 2019 Global Game Jam. During this Game Jam, I decided to use Wwise for the first time. Learning audio middleware during a game jam was a stressful experience, but I would say that it was very much worth the trouble.

Through this project, I learned the basics of working with Wwise. I imported my sounds into Wwise as WAV files, placed my footstep sounds into a random container, created events for each corresponding set of sounds, and created states for each section of the game. Broken Compass' story beats I created states that would line up with each of these beats accordingly. I had help implementing footstep sounds partially through Unity, and dialogue was not implemented by me due to game jam time constraints. However, I did record and process all of the game's sound effects and dialogue by myself.

Broken Compass Audio Files.PNG

The collection of audio files used in Broken Compass.

Broken Compass States.PNG

The collection of Wwise states used in Broken Compass.

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