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Chibi Inu

Chibi Inu is a 2D platformer made in affiliation with VGDC at UCI over the course of two quarters. I was both the composer and sound designer for this project. The game features my first stab at making sound effects for character emotions. This was also the first game where I used libraries from the East West Composer Cloud to make my instruments sound more expressive. The game is playable on both and Newgrounds and was ranked one of Newgrounds' top games of April 2019. Furthermore, the game was a semi-finalist in the 2019 IEEE GameSig. Because of the length of this game's development cycle, I was able to create more assets for this game than I have been able to for the other games I have worked on. I was able to compose a total of 3 music tracks, each with a different time signature, and I created a wide variety of sound effects.

The game's three music tracks represent the serenity of the forest, the fast-paced intensity of fighting bosses, and the dramatic tension and hope that comes from fighting one's greatest foe respectively.

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