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Jimothy Piggerton

Jimothy Piggerton is a 2D platformer developed in affiliation with the Video Game Development Club. I was asked near the end of the game's initial development cycle to compose music and create sound effects for the game. After the team agreed to sell a non-exclusive license to Cool Math Games, I composed another piece and reworked a few sound effects. This project was developed over the course of two quarters. However, I joined near the end. My work on Jimothy Piggerton was refreshing because I had all the tools I needed to bring the game's world to life. The story was simple and set in stone, the art was finished, and the game's mechanics were polished. All I had to do was decide what direction I wanted to take the game's sound in and execute it. Piggerton's sound effects are a mix of retro and realistic. For example, the death sound was inspired by Mega Man, and other sounds, such as the jumping or crouching sounds were made to sound more realistic.


I wanted the game's music to sound happy for the most-part and to sound like "squares bouncing around". The first music track heard in the game reflects this with its simple, staccato synth lead and its upbeat tempo. The last music track in the game was actually something I had made on my own time a few days before coming onto the project. I saw how bleak the area looked, and I thought that the music would fit perfectly. It is much more airy and dark than the first track, but I think it fits given the fact that it is meant for the final area of the game. The music track that is heard in the middle of the game strikes a middle ground between happy bouncing squares and darkness.

There are currently two official playable versions of this game. The most recent version, with more polished sounds and three music tracks, is available on the game creator's GitHub page. The link to play the game on Cool Math Games is also provided below.

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