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Chaos Kitty Knockdown

Chaos Kitty Knockdown is a 2D Platformer made for Black and White Jam 8. The game is about a cat knocking all the objects in the level down within the time limit. The game is split into three phases:

1) Knock down all the inanimate objects in the level.

2) Bother the humans.

3) Escape on the ice cream truck.

As the game's phases progress, the music gets faster and more instruments are added.

I created all the audio assets and worked together with one of the team's programmers to implement them with FMOD and Unity C#. 


Because of the game's scope, this was the first time I was able to use FMOD VCAs to control the volume of sounds in-game. In the process, we ran into the issue of the soundbank not loading before the VCAs were called, and in the short time we had left, we decided to have the player press a button to manually load the bank and press a button again to start the game.

We will potentially expand on this game in the future, and if we do, we plan to remove the need to manually load the bank and make sure it loads before the Main Menu does.

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