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playAble - Accessible Video Game Review Website

For UCI's Informatics 132 course, I collaborated with four of my peers to design playAble, a website for gamers to find and evaluate the accessibility of various video games. playAble is designed to allow gamers to search for games based on genre and accessibility features and allows its users to create accounts in order to leave reviews and receive recommendations on games they might enjoy.

Software Chat Bot

One of my hobbies is streaming a variety of video games on At one point, I decided that I wanted to write my own chat bot, mainly for the purpose of keeping track of funny things I would say on stream. Over time, this bot has evolved to make my streams more interactive. For example, the bot will respond to messages in chat if its name is mentioned. Different messages including "love" or not-so-nice messages including "hate", among other words, solicit specific responses from the bot. Users are also able to type the command "!slots" to  "spin the slots" and hopefully get a string of three matching emotes for a prize.

Checkers AI

For UCI's ICS 171 course, I wrote an AI that plays checkers using Minimax and Alpha-Beta Pruning. For the heuristic evaluation of each move the AI could take, it analyzing four factors:

  • Whether the move would result in being captured by the opponent.

  • Whether the move would result in an opponent's piece being captured.

  • Whether the move would result in the AI winning.

  • Whether the move would result in the opponent winning.

As is the nature of Minimax, the AI does better the more optimally its opponent plays.

GitHub link not publicly available.

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